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Australia’s Christmas advertising campaigns for 2020 reflect a year like never before. Some acknowledge the realities of a hard year, while others focus on how we move on. Where some show us the small but important human connections we made, others provide the light-hearted fun we’ve all needed to get us through. In the final Mediaverse blog for 2020, we give you four particularly notable Australian Christmas campaigns from this year and what we think makes them so appealing.

As It Was


Toys”R”Us shows us the moments from 2020 that everyone will relate to. Working from home and catching up with loved ones over video calls has never been so widespread. Toys”R”Us captures both the difficulty of this and the joy at being able to come together in person to celebrate Christmas as many people see their loved ones for the first time since COVID-19 began.

The Human Connection

Australia Post

Before this year seeing your local postie, let alone being on first name terms them, was rare among those who spent most days out of the house. However, with all the time spent at home and the rise in online shopping, the sight of the local postie coming to drop off those eagerly awaited parcels is one plenty of people have come to value for not just the delivery, but the human contact too.

The Physical Break

Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia Christmas campaign. "Socks or Snorkelling"
‘I need a holiday’ is a phrase we’ve all heard (and said) over video call more times than we can count this year. Tourism Australia’s poster campaign to encourage people to ‘give the gift of travel’ showcases the amazing destinations we have in our backyard and pits them against those typical ‘had to get you something’ gifts you always receive at Christmas. Socks or snorkelling? We know what we’d pick.

The Mental Break


There’s no mention of COVID-19 in this ad, just a group of Santas doing some very impressive synchronised swimming. Who knew Santa had the time to spare to become an athlete? It’s light-hearted fun and a welcome bit of absurdity in what has been an unbelievable year.

Honourable Mention

Plenty Paper Towels

Although not an Australian advertisement, this one from Plenty Paper Towels shows Christmas as we’ve all encountered it at one point or another. Messy, chaotic, and full of unexpected obstacles, it’s a relatable look at some of those less than magical Christmas moments.

As a year that’s felt equally quicker and longer than most comes to an end, the team here at Mediaverse wishes you all the best for the upcoming festive season and a safe and happy new year.


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